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Best Traffic Baton Light Supplier in Malaysia

As Malaysia’s foremost supplier of traffic baton lights, Asia Warehouse takes great pride in offering top-notch products and services to cater to your road safety needs. We provide diverse, high-quality traffic baton lights to ensure optimal visibility and safety in various traffic management scenarios. Whether you require traffic baton lights for construction sites, event management, or emergencies, we have a comprehensive selection to meet your needs. Contact us to get the details of your product interested now. We carefully handle all your information, including your shipping address and company name.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Traffic Baton Lights

What is a traffic baton light?

A traffic baton light is a hand-held, wand-like device used by traffic controllers, parking attendants, and emergency personnel to direct traffic and signal to drivers. Like the super bright emergency light, these devices typically have bright LED lights that can flash or shine in different colours, often red, green, and yellow, to grab attention and convey specific instructions. Some batons also have a white light on the top for additional visibility or as a flashlight. They are often made of durable materials like polycarbonate or ABS plastic to withstand being waved around and dropped, and many are good weather resistant.

What is the use of safety baton lights in Malaysia?

Safety baton lights are used for various purposes, including:

  • Traffic Control: Traffic wardens and police officers use baton lights to direct traffic, especially at night or in low-visibility conditions.
  • Emergency Signalling: Firefighters, paramedics, and other emergency personnel use baton lights to signal for help or to warn people of danger.
  • Personal Safety: Baton lights can be used for personal safety, such as when walking or running at night. They can deter attackers and help motorists see you.
  • Events: Baton lights are often used at concerts, sporting events, and parties to create a festive atmosphere or signal to the crowd.

What are the different types of baton lights?

Many different baton lights are available, each with its features and benefits. Some of the most common types include:

  • LED Baton Lights: They are the most popular type because they are bright, energy-efficient, and durable.
  • Incandescent Baton Lights: Incandescent baton lights are less common than LED baton lights but are still available. They are not as bright or energy-efficient as LED baton lights, but they may be a good option if you need a very bright light.
  • Rechargeable Baton Lights: Rechargeable baton lights are a good option if you plan to use your baton light frequently. They can be charged up and used repeatedly without replacing batteries.
  • Disposable Baton Lights: Disposable baton lights are a good option if you only need to use your baton light once or twice. They are less expensive than rechargeable baton lights but cannot be reused.

What is the size of an LED baton?

LED batons are typically the most common type, ranging from 20 to 26 inches (50 to 66 cm) long and 1 to 1.2 inches (2.5 to 3 cm) in diameter. They must be visible from a distance and easy to operate while wearing gloves as they have a non-slip designed handle.

What is the type of battery for a baton light stick?

D battery. It is the most significant and potent common battery type. D batteries are typically used in the most significant and brightest baton light wand, such as those used for traffic control. They offer exceptional runtime and light output but are also the heaviest and most expensive option.

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