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Asia Warehouse OEM Products

Our goal is to provide quality products at competitive prices to agents, distributors and contractors. Contact us today to learn more.

Latest Products

  • SB-AW Reflective Safety Belt Vest (SKU: AWHPPSWDARSBV08)

    RM9.00 Read more
  • yellow safety helmets

    SB-AW Safety Helmet (SKU: AWHDASH03)

    RM22.80 Read more
  • SB-AW Safety Vest Overall (SKU: AWHPPSWDAO07)

    RM71.00 Read more
  • red and black based traffic safety cones

    SB-AW Traffic Safety Cone (SKU: AWRTSLWSTSC01)

    RM11.80 Read more
Asia Warehouse by SBMS Group

We offer a wide selection of more than 1,000 types of products at “Below Market Price” which include Road Products, Slope Products, Bridge Products, Building Products, Culvert Products, Hardware Products and Electrical Products.

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