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Best Road Signage or Signboard Supplier in Malaysia

Are you looking for the best road signage or signboard suppliers in Malaysia? Don’t hesitate any longer! We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and customized signage solutions to clients across Malaysia. With our head office located in Kuala Lumpur, AsiaWarehouse is committed to providing high-quality road signboards that meet your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions on Road Signage Malaysia

What is the meaning of road signage or signboard in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, road signs or signboards are visual communication tools for conveying information to road users to ensure their safety and smooth traffic flow. They are designed to be easy to understand and recognize, even at a glance, and adhere to standardized guidelines and conventions.

What are the different types of road signage Malaysia and their functions?

Road signage Malaysia are categorized into four main types:

  • Regulatory Signs (Tanda Wajib): These are mandatory road signs and must be obeyed by all road users. They are typically circular or rectangular with a red border and a white background. Examples of mandatory signs include stop signs, no-entry signs, and yield signs.
  • Warning Signs (Tanda Amaran): These signs warn road users of potential hazards or dangers ahead. They are typically diamond-shaped with a yellow background and black borders and symbols. Examples include slippery road signs, falling rock signs, and sharp bend signs.
  • Information Signs (Tanda Maklumat): These blue background signs provide general information to road users, such as directions, distances, and services. They are typically rectangular or square with blue backgrounds and white lettering. Examples include route signs, distance markers, and destination signs.
  • Prohibition Signs (Tanda Larangan): These signs prohibit certain actions or behaviours on the road. They are typically circular with a white background and a red border and symbol. Examples include no parking signs, no overtaking signs, and no U-turn signs.

Road signs in Malaysia are usually written in Bahasa Melayu (the national language) and English to ensure understanding by all road users.

What are the 8 shapes of road signboards in Malaysia?

There are eight main shapes of road boards in Malaysia:

  • Circle: This is the most common road sign shape in Malaysia. It is commonly used for regulatory signs such as the stop sign and no-entry sign.
  • Rectangle: This shape is also commonly used on road signs in Malaysia. It is often used for informational signs such as route signs and destination signs.
  • Diamond: This shape is commonly used in warning road signs, such as slippery road signs and rockfall signs.
  • Triangle: This shape is commonly used for yield signs and to indicate the direction of traffic flow.
  • Pentagon: This shape is commonly used for school crossing and crosswalk signs.
  • Octagon: This shape is commonly used for stop signs and no-entry signs.
  • Hexagon: This shape is commonly used in regulatory signs such as speed limit signs and no passing signs.
  • Cross: This shape is commonly used for railroad crossing signs.

How to read Malaysian road signs?

Malaysian road signage boards like code signboards use a standardized system of colours and letters to convey information to drivers. Here’s a guide to understanding the meaning of these signs:

Background Colour

Letter Colour

Sign Type

Sign Meaning

Blue White Information sign Provides general information, such as route numbers and direction indicators.
Blue Yellow Street name sign Indicates the name of the street.
Green White Highway information sign Provides information about the toll expressways or highways, such as exit numbers and destination directions.
Green Yellow Government building or institution sign Indicates a government building or institution.
Maroon Recreational area or tourist spot sign Provides information about recreational areas or tourist spots.
White Black Town name sign Indicates the name of the town or settlement.

What are the specifications and size standards of a road signboard in Malaysia?

According to the Malaysian Road Transport Act 1987, road signage in Malaysia adheres to standardized guidelines to ensure uniformity, effectiveness, and compliance with traffic regulations. Signboards are typically made from durable materials like aluminium, acrylic, or polycarbonate, and their size depends on the sign type and location as below:

Sign Type

Diameter or Width (mm)

Regulatory Signs 750 (Urban), 900 (Rural)
Warning Signs 900 (Urban), 750 (Rural)
Information Signs 600 (Urban), 750 (Rural)
Prohibition Signs 750 (Urban), 900 (Rural)
Temporary Signs 750 (Urban), 900 (Rural)
Information Signs (with Direction Indicators) 1,500 (Urban), 1,800 (Rural)
Direction Signs (with Distances) 1,200 (Urban), 1,500 (Rural)
Distance Markers 400 (Urban), 600 (Rural)
Traffic Signal Signs 300 (Urban), 600 (Rural)
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