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Best Plastic Road Barrier Supplier in Malaysia

Looking to purchase a road barrier? Check out our websites now. As a premier plastic road barrier supplier in Malaysia, Asia Warehouse takes great pride in offering products that prioritize road safety and efficiency with high reviews. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the superior quality of our road barriers that withstand various weather conditions and provide exceptional durability. With a wide range of sizes and designs available, we cater to the diverse needs of our clients, whether it’s for construction sites, traffic management, or event organization.

Frequently Asked Questions on Plastic Road Barrier

What is a road barrier?

A road barrier, also named a traffic barrier or guardrail, is a physical structure placed along or across a road to fulfil one of two purposes: safety or control. They can prevent vehicles from straying off the roadway and hitting hazards like steep slopes, buildings, or oncoming traffic, or they can be used to guide traffic flow, creating temporary or permanent lane closures, detours, or designated pedestrian zones.

What is a plastic road barrier?

A plastic road barrier is a temporary traffic control device made of polyethylene plastic. The barriers for roads are commonly used to redirect traffic, close off lanes, and protect road users and workers in construction zones. These bright orange or red barriers are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making them popular for short-term roadwork. Their body can also be filled with water or sand for added stability in windy conditions.

How do road barriers work?

Road barriers work by employing a combination of energy absorption and redirection. Imagine them as crumple zones for the entire vehicle:

  • Controlled crumpling: Barriers are often made from steel or concrete but are designed to bend and deform upon impact. This absorbs the crash’s kinetic energy, slowing down the vehicle gradually instead of a harsh, instant stop.
  • Redistribution of force: The barrier’s shape, like the wavy corrugations of metal guardrails, helps spread the impact force over a larger area, reducing the stress on any single point.
  • Redirecting the vehicle: Some barriers, especially concrete median barriers, are angled to gently guide vehicles back towards the road, preventing them from vaulting over or getting snagged.

What are the different types of traffic barriers in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, traffic barriers are available in various materials to cater to different needs and requirements. Here are three types of traffic barriers commonly used in Malaysia, categorized by material:

  • Plastic Barriers: Plastic barriers are lightweight yet robust, making them ideal for temporary applications. They are easy to handle, transport, and store. They are commonly used in events, road construction, and traffic management due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Concrete Barriers: Concrete barriers are durable and provide excellent protection. They are typically constructed with reinforced concrete and can withstand high-impact forces. These barriers are commonly used on highways, bridges, and construction sites.
  • Metal Barriers: Metal barriers, such as steel or aluminium, offer strength and stability. They are often used for temporary traffic control, crowd control, or as a barrier around work zones. Metal barriers are quick to install and can be easily transported.

What are the weights and sizes of plastic traffic barriers in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, plastic traffic barriers come in various sizes and weights to cater to various traffic management needs. The smallest commonly used plastic traffic barrier measures 560mm x 560mm x 160mm and weighs around 4.5kg, offering a compact option suitable for various applications. On the other end of the spectrum, the largest plastic traffic barrier is typically 900mm x 900mm x 1800mm, weighing approximately 30kg, providing a more substantial solution for enhanced road safety and control. These variations in size and weight allow barriers to be connected, installed or attached with other materials based on specific road conditions, construction sites, or event management requirements across different regions in Malaysia.

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