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A safety vest is an article of personal protective equipment that’s designed to have high visibility and reflectivity. It is usually worn by cyclists, motor cyclists, traffic police and workers engaged in construction, road work, rail work and those working in ports, airports, yards, hangers, fire, rescue, emergency services and utility jobs where bad weather or low visibility may be an issue. A safety vest wearer is easily detected, which can help other parties avoid colliding with the individual.

Safety vests are worn by workers who work on or near roads, or places where there are movements of vehicles, cranes, cables, winches, motors or any moving gears. Workers who are engaged in emergency and construction work, need to be detected by other parties who operate moving machinery that can be potentially dangerous.

Safety vests are found in yellow, orange or red, and have reflective stripes, insignia and letters printed on them. Types of safety vests to be used depend on the user, work environments or type of industry.

This Safety Vest is the safety gear to keep the wearer visible to others when in any occupational. Moreover, standards for safety vests are no different. But the most important is implementing to protect emergency responders raising their visibility to coworkers. Safety vest are the safety gear necessary to keep personnel visible to other people especially when working along roads. High-visibility safety vests are often the first, and sometimes the only thing keeping an employee visible in working conditions with less than optimal lighting. The high-visibility vest allows them to remain aware of personnel that may be in danger of being hit by vehicles or work equipment. As such, they are able to avoid the other workers, preventing accidents and potentially saving lives.

  • This high visibility reflective sports safety vest is made for runners and cyclist to increase runners and cyclists’ visibility.
  • Besides that, there is also fluorescent color and high visible reflective tape.
  • It can help to improve outdoor safety by enhancing nighttime or low light condition visibility during outdoor activities.
  • Furthermore, there is also adjustable elastic belt with durable buckle make this reflective vest light and convenient to take with.
  • Thus, it can be worn over any clothes like T-shirt or sports jacket.
  • Other than that, this simple style reflective sportswear is breathable, adjustable, and comfortable which improves exercise conditions for outdoor sports. It will be a good choice for daily sports.

Download SB-AW Reflective Safety Belt Vest (AWHPPSWDARSBV08) Product Catalogue

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  • High quality reflective strip and fabric
  • Water resistant reflective safety vest
  • Comfortable adjustable waist Velcro
  • Ergonomic 3D tailoring technology
  • Breathable material suitable for hot weather
  • Durable metal zipper


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