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SB – AW Outdoor Patio Umbrella (SKU: AWHDYOPU01)



SB-AW Outdoor Patio Umbrella designed to provide sun protection for outdoor industrial work, this portable umbrella offers wide coverage shade. Its flexible carbon black steel ribs will help keep the umbrella’s shape.

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Material: Oxford fabric, polyester plastic sheets, double layer polyester plastic sheets


  • Four gears with adjustable height: The umbrella pole is thickened to enhance windproof performance and durability
  • Upgraded double sliding: Made of black carbon bars, the double sliding support prevents the umbrella from being blown over.
  • Thickened pole: The thickened umbrella pole is anti-rust, highly durable and windproof.
  • Double-layer cloth: Upgraded fabric comes with advanced L.R.C. coating for UV and sunlight protection.
  • Carbon-containing umbrella pole: Upgraded umbrella pole material enhances windproof performance.


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