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SB AW Illuminate Trapezoidal Guardrail Delineator Reflector (AWRSRLWSITDR05)


SB-AW Illuminate Trapezoidal Guardrail Delineator Glow In The Dark

This Guardrail Delineator Glow In The Dark helps to alert drivers to obstacles and changes in the roadway to make the road safer for road users. Highly reflective and dirt-resistant, reflectors and delineators increase visibility at night by reflecting light towards the vehicle. SB – AW Illuminate double-sided trapezoidal delineator reflector can glow in the dark and provide better visibility on a dark road for road user safety.

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SB-AW Illuminate Trapezoidal Guardrail Delineator Glow In The Dark

Measurement: 5.5cm Upper width, 13cm lower width, 8cm height


  1. SB – AW Illuminate double-sided trapezoidal delineator reflector comes in one colour and is  able to grow in the dark.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Guardrail Delineator

What is a guardrail delineator with a glow-in-the-dark feature?

A guardrail delineator with a glow-in-the-dark feature is a safety device used on roadways to improve visibility and delineate the path of the road, especially guardrails, for drivers at both day and night with low-light conditions. This improves road safety in complete darkness or power outages, potentially reducing accident risks. However, glow intensity weakens over time, requiring recharging, and might be less effective in prolonged darkness.

How are guardrail delineators installed?

Here’s how guardrail delineators are typically installed:


  1. Gather tools and materials: You’ll need the delineators, mounting brackets (specific to the delineator type), screws or other fasteners, drill (if required), cleaning materials, and safety gear like gloves and glasses.
  2. Clean the installation area: Wipe down the guardrail where the delineators will be mounted, removing dirt, grease, and debris for better adhesion.


  1. Position the bracket: Place it in the desired location on the guardrail, lining it up according to the manufacturer’s instructions or standards. Mark the attachment points with a pencil.
  2. Pre-drill holes (if required): Some brackets might require pre-drilling holes in the guardrail for the screws. Use the marked points as a guide and a drill bit suitable for the bracket and guardrail material.
  3. Attach the bracket: Secure the bracket to the guardrail using the provided screws or fasteners, tightening them firmly but not overtightening.
  4. Mount the delineator: Slide the delineator onto the bracket according to the specific design, ensuring it snaps securely into place or is adequately fastened.


  1. Inspect and adjust: Double-check that all delineators are mounted securely, facing the correct direction for optimal visibility.
  2. Clean up: Remove debris or tools from the work area.

How long does the guardrail delineator reflector last?

The lifespan of a highly visible delineator reflector depends on several factors. Still, you can expect a well-maintained one with high-quality materials to last around 5-7 years, with some exceeding ten years under ideal conditions.

How can I recycle or dispose of used guardrail delineators?

To recycle or dispose of used guardrail delineators in Malaysia, you should contact local recycling facilities or waste management authorities to inquire about specific guidelines and collection programs. Check if any designated recycling centres accept plastic materials, and inquire about their policies regarding guardrail delineators. Additionally, you may contact the Department of Environment in Malaysia or local environmental agencies for guidance on proper disposal methods. Following ecological regulations and guidelines is crucial to ensure responsible and eco-friendly handling of these materials.

What colours are available in guardrail delineator glow-in-the-dark options?

Guardrail delineator’s glow-in-the-dark options are commonly available in various colours, with green being one of the most prevalent choices. The luminescent pigments used in glow-in-the-dark materials often emit a greenish glow when exposed to light and gradually fade over time. This green hue is widely utilised in safety applications, signage, and novelty items due to its visibility and effectiveness in low-light conditions.

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