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SB-AW Light Duty Earth Anchor With Turf Disk Lock (SKU: AWSSCMILDEA02)


SB-AW Light Duty Earth Anchor is a geotechnical anchor designed for holding tensile loads. SB-AW Earth Anchors are a revolutionary anchoring technology providing time and labour-saving installations of anchored solutions. Working like toggle bolts in soil, SB-AW Earth Anchors are driven to their required depth after which an upward pull on the anchor tendon rotates the anchor head in the ground into a perpendicular anchor locked position. When using a SB-AW Proof Tester for anchor locking the earth anchor is simultaneously tested to the desired holding capacity allowing for an anchor installation of known holding capacity which is ready for immediate use.

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Product Benefits

  • Instant Point of Anchoring.
  • Fast, easy and reliable installation.
  • No digging or excavation required.
  • Superior holding capacity.
  • No Soil Disturbance.
  • Proof Tested During Installation.


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