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SB-AW Integral Corrugated Metal Pipe (ISO) (SKU: AWCQJOMPEICMP04)


SB-AW Spiral Corrugated Pipe, as its name implies, is characterized by its monoblock annular structure made of quality corrugate metal sheet and welded in a roll welding. It has high strength, durability, versatility as well as a strong structure that ensures long life. Most of all, it is easier and quicker to be installed on site compared with assembled corrugated metal pipes. Thus, integral corrugated metal pipes are ideal for projects in severe construction conditions, such as severe sedimentation areas. However, integral corrugated metal pipe are not convenient to transport, so it is recommended to be applied to projects in a short transportation distance.

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  • Pipe inside diameter: 0.5m to 3.0m.
  • Pipe thickness: 2.5mm to 7.0mm.
  • Wave size:
    • 125mm × 25mm;
    • 145mm × 60mm;
    • 150mm × 50mm;
    • 200mm × 55mm.
  • Anti-corrosion treatment:
    • Galvanized – thickness of zinc coating ≥ 84um.
    • Electrostatic asphalt spraying.
    • Polymer coated for the longest service life.
  • Height of back-fill cover: 0.5m to 40m
  • Pipe length: Any custom length is available.
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