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SB-AW Geobag is a versatile civil engineering system designed for erosion control and earth structures. SB-AW Geobag is also a patented system consisting of modular ecology bags and interlocking plates that create a structure to support the earth forces. In addition, SB-AW Geobag is capable of accepting various forms of planting to create an aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly vegetated system.

SB-AW Geobag interlocking plate is placed between sand/soil filled SB-AW Geobag to dramatically increase the sheer strength of the bag structure. The result is an interlocking soil mass that promotes and sustains vegetation. Interlocking Plates also provides a positive mechanical connection to geogrid in the construction of steep slopes and retaining wall structures where needed.

The modular ecology bag system is constructed with small vertical heights making it easy to build a fairly uniform face. SB-AW Geobag provides mini ‘eco-pockets’ between each row and each bag where rain water can accumulate and seeds can germinate and thrive on a horizontal surface. SB-AW Geobag allows the root system to penetrate through both the front and back layer of the ecology bag.

Product Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly, low carbon technology.
  • Anti-Graffiti
  • Heat island effect reduction
  • Reduction of noise
  • Sedimentation & filtration capabilities
  • Versatility to use for walls and slopes
  • Economical transportation
  • Quick installation time
  • No leveling, cutting or waste of material
  • Flexibility allows to Install where others cannot
  • Friendly to many types of vegetation, fish and wildlife

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SB-AW Geobag

Model Weight (g Per Bag) Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
SB-AW Geobag 140 1.5 400 800

*Note: Custom-made order for thicker SB-AW Geobag is available and please contact us for more information.

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